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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Last night we went to dinner with the foodie friends to a very posh restaurant (well, for us anyway).  We had tried this restaurant last month when we were enticed by a "restaurant week" where we were allowed to choose from a reduced menu for $35 per person.  This restaurant typically costs quite a bit more (everything is a la carte with a steak alone costing about $50), so the previous dinner was quite a bit cheaper.  The problem was, when the waiter was told by us that we were doing the "restaurant week," he copped a bit of an attitude.  This set pretty badly with me and I complained to the manager, who at the time, offered no relief.  I later came home and contacted the home office and a few days later got a call from the manager who then offered us and the other couple each a $150 gift certificate to come back -- which we did last night.  The friends also rented a limo for us to go in style (the wife's CEO uses a service, and they were able to get a reduced rate).  Overall, we felt like rock stars.

Well, on to the good:  I haven't worn any of my work clothes in some time, but then again I haven't lost much since I quit working last March.  I decided to wear a pair of nice slacks instead of a skirt and went to the closet to pull out my black ones, size 18.  When I slipped them on, I couldn't believe it -- TOO BIG!  HOLY SMOKES!  I almost decided to wear them, but then I decided to go into the box I had stored away with all the smaller sized clothes I had bought off eBay right before I lost my job and see how a pair of 16s would fit.  Well, they were a tad bit snug through the rear, but they FIT!  I was in size 16s, something I can't recall the last time I was able to wear!

The other part of the good was that yesterday was the first day of solids after having been on a liquid diet for two weeks (at my doctor's suggestion) to try to kick my metabolism back into gear.  Other than Valentine's Day dinner (where I was DYING for a steak), I haven't had anything but soups and liquids for forever.  I decided to run the fast into my fill time, which was Tuesday.

Okay, now for the bad and the ugly -- I pb'ed my nice Morton's dinner (or what little I had of it) and spent half the evening in the bathroom.  :(  It was painful, to say the least -- not just the physical pain, but the fact that such a nice dinner was being wasted.  We ordered appetizers for four (at "only" $88, if you can believe it) which was PHENOMENAL (but not worth $22 a person, I'll add), and that was about all I got in me but a few pieces of my steak.  I think the problem may have started, however, with the bread they brought.  Ah, yes, bread.  But not just any bread -- freshly baked onion loaf.  That was my biggest mistake.  I think this fill put me over the bread threshhold, and I got shown what for.  I never felt right after the bread (topped with a mojito and a couple sips of wine -- BIG mistake).

I came home and took a TON of papaya enzyme, popped some Protonix for later, and hoped for the best.  I have to say, the papaya seems to really help.  I used it one other day when I was feeling a bit tight, and it seemed to relieve the pressure in pretty quickly.  So note to those of you who may not know:  Papaya enzyme helps break down proteins, which is especially helpful if that's what's stuck in your band.

Oh, and on a side note -- foodie friend wife called us their best foodie friends.  Yay.  o_O


  1. I was out last night at a restaurant for the first time since surgery. Could only eat a small amount so had to bring most of it home. Good for you for following up with poor attitude. More people should do it. For some reason service doesn't seem to be what businesses are striving for.

  2. Thanks, Sandy. If this place wasn't so dadgum expensive, I may not have said anything and just chalked it up to a bad experience. I still would have called over the manager, but I may not have gone further. But it really chapped my hide to go to a place that two people can EASILY spend $200 for dinner and to be treated so rudely.

    Note to you -- DON'T TOUCH THE BREAD! :)

  3. Last week I went to a new Bristol restaurant with work colleagues, where there are a lot of serving areas with different Asian foods - everything you can think of - all beautifully cooked and presented. You pay a set amount (£12.50/US$18) and go back as often as you like. Everything looked wonderful... only I had two mouthfuls of satay and that was it for the rest of the evening: I spent it in the toilet, being asked sympathetically by other guests whether the food had disagreed with me... It was hideous. So I do sympathise!
    Thanks Beth for the very nice message on my blog, it's lovely to find out that people read what one writes. I too follow your blog regularly. Thanks again.