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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Going back to my roots

I finally made it to one of my doctors' monthly meetings this past Monday -- the first one since January of 2009.  Unfortunately, my school schedule has been such that I always had Monday evening classes and could never make them.

My primary question the other night was HOW IN THE HELL DO I GET OUT OF THIS PLATEAU???  I've been stuck here for more than half of 2009, and I'm sick to DEATH of it.  Even all the exercise I did the last few months didn't do a damn thing.  I mean, I don't expect the band to do this FOR me, but I expect SOMEthing to come of it.

They recommended I go on liquids.  For. Two. Weeks.  Uh... wow.  I've done liquids before -- even did the five-day pouch test -- but those only last a few days.  They felt that doing this for a couple weeks will shock my system.

So as of today, I'm on liquids.  I held off a few days because I realized I could run it right into my next fill on the 16th, especially considering that I have to do two days of liquids right after my fill anyway.

Therefore, if I seem especially cranky, you'll know why.  o_O

The nice thing is that a friend of mine, who has been trying like hell to get a band for a while (she had a date set for this past August and it got canceled just days before she was set to go in) got a new date of 2/12, so she's on liquids too.  Being that I was already planning on doing liquids, it worked out nice that I could be a liquid buddy for her.


  1. I recognise that pic - its a place called Alice Springs here in Oz (now known as Ularu.)

    You know, I really feel for you - horribly. I was stuck myself for five weeks and I couldn't budge. I ended the plateau (at least I think this is how I did it.. it's the only thing I can think of) was by upping my cals to 1200 per day. And shaking things up exercise wise.
    BUT it seems like you've done all this anyway. So where do you go next? I wish I knew. (zero help, aren't I? pfft)
    I will be thinking of you as you try to get past this. Wish I could help more. x

  2. It's just so odd that our bodies act this way. I hate mine about now. We aren't speaking.

    Is that the name of that place? I pulled up "Ayers Rock" and this came up. I knew I wanted a pretty plateau to represent, well... my plateau. And I knew about Ayers Rock. Unfortunately it seems I don't know Ayers from Alice Springs. I apologize ahead of time. :)