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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So, yeah... my sister (part deux)

Remember me telling y'all about my sister's "chunky comment" last month?

Yeah, well, it seems as if I'm in some sort of competition with her that I was unaware of.  A couple times recently, she's asked my mom how I've been doing on my weight loss, to which my mom hasn't really said anything.  She just dodges the question or says she doesn't know how it's going.

Today, however, my sister texted me about something else and TWICE, 3 1/2 hours apart, asked me how much weight I've lost while saying that she has gained what would be about 35 pounds from her ideal, "fighting weight."  Because she asked about my weight interspersed with a couple other questions, I dodged the ones about my weight and only answered the others.

Then, when she saw I wasn't biting on the questions about my weight, she asked for a photo of me in the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing this weekend.  I said, "I sent it to you in August."  Now, when I sent it to her, all excited that the dress fit though I bought in a size smaller, I got one word:  Awesome.  That's it.  Not another word, then or after.  So, when I said that I sent it in August, she said, "It's October, dude."

I dodged the questions about my weight, so she went the circuitous route and asked for a photo.

Yeah, as if.  It's not like she's asking because she gives a crap -- she's asking to see how much weight she has to lose by Thanksgiving, when we'll all be together.


  1. New to your blog, but at hte perfect time... I'm about to see my mother for the first time in a year (this weekened) and she doesn't know about my surgery...she does know I've been losing weight.... its going to be stressfull. Sadly, she is the one that is the "competer" in our relationship. So anytime I lose or gain she is super interested.... ug. I'm just strapping in for a long weekend of uncomfortable questions and digs.

    I know the same will happen when I head home next month and see my SIL... she is the same.

    Its totally true - I was the fat one... and now, I'm the .... successful one. They don't really like that. Its going to be hard on them, but thats not my fault! :)

    Chin up - I hope your Thanksgiving goes well!

  2. Why is it that people have to pigeon-hole us into these categories? I guess it's to make themselves feel better, but how is that good or uplifting or supportive? They think so little of themselves that they actually enjoy seeing us in an unhealthy state so that they feel better? I really don't get it. I'm not in a competition with anybody, nor are you -- but they put us in this bizarre position.

    I didn't tell most people about my surgery -- even five years out. I told my parents a couple weeks after I had it, but primarily because my mom was worried about the surgery I had and simply saying it was a hiatal hernia (which I also had) wasn't cutting it. My sister knows, but I didn't tell my brother. I could count on two hands and have fingers left over as to how many I've told. I didn't want to be judged, and I didn't want to be watched every second, either.

    I wish you much luck, because I know where you stand right now. Thanksgiving will knock my sister's socks off, by the way. ;)