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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I finally did my first 5k!


Back in December of 2009, I said I wanted to eventually do a 5k.  Yesterday was that day.  It wasn't pretty, and I would have won no medals, but I DID do it.  There was some running, much walking, and just a little too much heavy panting (and not in that good way), but I finished it -- AND in a fairly respectable time, considering it was my first:  43 minutes.

I wouldn't get that engraved on a plaque or anything, but I wasn't last, either.

I won't be doing another one in the next week or so, but I WOULD like to do it again.  Now that I have a time to beat, I will challenge myself.  And I've recently met someone who is very active and rooted me on (and was very proud of me and called me a "Warrior Queen!"), and I know if anybody can challenge me to do more and do better, he or someone like him can do it.


  1. That's great! I'm training for my first 5k on November 30 by doing c25k. It's hard to imagine actually running the entire thing though. Good job for just getting through it. And I think it does make it easier to try another one now that you have a time to beat :)

  2. A lot of us DIDN'T run the whole thing, so I wasn't alone. I have the C25K podcasts, but I haven't used them. I truly wasn't conditioned to RUN this thing, but I HAVE been working out 5 to 6 days a week. Let me know how you do, please! I'd love to root you on.

  3. awesome!!!!! first 5k under your belt...more to come!!

  4. Thanks, Tamzin. I'm pretty happy with DOING it, much less finishing. :)