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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Newest measurements

I weighed in today and hit a new low:  195!

I also decided to take measurements again today.  I tend to do them about every two or three weeks, though I don't have any set time frame.

The results are in.  Since my last measurements on September 19, I've lost another half inch lost in my bust, a half inch in my ribs, an inch in my abdomen, an inch in my hips, a quarter inch in each of my upper thighs, and a quarter inch in my right upper arm, for a total of 3.75 inches.

Just since June 15th, when I began taking measurements on this particular chart, I've lost 30.75 inches!  In four months, I've lost in the following areas:

Neck:  0.5"
Bust:  3.5"
Pecs:  3"
Ribs:  3.5"
Waist:  2.5"
Abdomen:  4.25"
Hips:  3.5"
Right Upper Thigh:  1.75"
Right Lower Thigh:  1.75"
Left Upper Thigh:  1.75"
Left Lower Thigh:  1.75"
Right Calf:  0.5"
Left Calf:  0.75"
Right Upper Arm:  1"
Left Upper Arm:  0.75"

Not too shabby.  :)

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