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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Piggybacking on my post below...

The post I just made showing my measurements, and also based on a conversation I'm having with a friend who is in the beginning stages of her weight loss journey, I can't stress enough how important it is to use non-scale ways of measuring your success.  I say this because the last time I took my measurements was on September 19.  On that day, my weight was 196.4, while this morning it was 195.  So, in 20 days, I had only lost 1.4 pounds.  However, I also lost 3.75 inches.  Though the scale didn't show how well I did, the tape measure did.

We have become so conditioned through our lives to live and die by the scale that we allow it to dictate our success.  I still sometimes do when I get on it and see a slight gain or no loss.  I certainly have those old feelings.  But that's why I make sure to measure on a fairly regular basis.  Besides that, if truth be told, I'm certain I'm in a solid 14 by now (though I need to get more things in this size) -- at 195.  A 14.  Now, in the past, I remember getting excited when I lost weight some years back and got into a size 14 bathing suit, but I was about 185 pounds then.  So, I'm most certainly leaner at this 195 than I was at that 185.

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