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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{insert wicked cackle here}

So mom called tonight. The first thing out of her mouth was that she gained two pounds in the week I was there. [snicker] Oh, REALLY? And here I lost a pound. She said she couldn't believe it since we ate the same. "Uh, no we didn't," I corrected her. "YOU ate that entire carton of chocolate chip cookies, minus the ONE I ate." Yeah, she forgot that. Plus, I told her the few times I did snack on things like Triscuits, I couldn't eat more than five or six at a time, whereas HER hand kept going in and out of the box. Additionally, the few nights I did ice cream (it was a low-fat vanilla my dad bought [90 calories and 1.5g of fat for 1/2 cup], topped with fat-free chocolate syrup and some walnuts), SHE did a big bowl, while I did a small pyrex bowl that probably only holds about 1/2 cup.

I also said that I found it rather disgusting that she would berate me for gaining weight and then send me on my merry way with cookies. She kind of chuckled at that and said, "Yeah, that's true." I told her I gave all but one of them away.

So yeah, I'm experiencing a bit of wicked glee from the news.


  1. It seems like she's deliberately trying to sabotage you, or make you feel futile in terms of your progress. Why would she do that? Do you think she is simply jealous because you have more control than she does? She doesn't need to be. You are both in it together. She should be supporting you, and cheering you on from the sidelines.

  2. I wish I knew the answer to that. It's not like we live near each other -- but she had plenty to say about my gain yet had no problem sending me off with cookies. She's odd in a way... she supports an issue one day then backtracks and disregards another. She's just odd.

  3. great post...I have had similar issues. I think it is the case of..I can see the flaws in you but fail to see them in myself. I know I have lived with it my whole life and I am sure my daughters have moments much the same.

    Thanks for following me today. I had three people add me and you are the only one with a bog I can follow back :).

    I read back over time and want to know..have you ever gotten your unfill back? the gain says to me it might be time???

    Good luck striking forward..and way to go on spreading the cookie love :)


  4. hmm a blog..not a bog :) I have a stubborn L key...and am a typo queen.

  5. Hello, Tina, and glad to have you!

    Yes, I think you're right on the money where my mom is coming from. I KNOW she is concerned that it hasn't gone the way SHE had hoped (heck, it hasn't gone the way I had hoped either), but berating me isn't the way to do it. It's the old "speck in your eye, log in mine" problem. Funny, she doesn't care about HER weight, and I forgot to mention that she is back to smoking again after having quit for about seven years after a VERY harrowing experience that had her in the hospital, unable to breathe because she had irritated her trachea so badly.

    As for getting back my unfill, I got most of it back. I never did lose the weight I gained with the unfill (I think about 15 pounds), but the remainder of the weight gain is my doing and my fault alone. I was eating sliders and not exercising ONE BIT this last semester. We all know how sedentary lifestyles, no matter how little you eat, can be bad for you. And when I say I did nothing, I mean the most exercise I got was going to the bathroom and walking across campus to classes, which was becoming a real chore again.

    Besides, the stress level I was at eliminated my ability to take in any more of a fill -- my doc had put in a teeny bit, and it was enough to send me into reflux fits. I do well where I'm at -- I just need to be CONSCIOUS about what I'm doing.

    I'm taking baby steps, though I need to step it up. I am reading right now about metabolism and getting the most out of WHAT I eat, and I NEED to get off my butt. I began drinking water again the other day, something that ceases when I'm doing badly. So I'm coming around. :)

    Again, nice to "meet" you! :)