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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is it possible to divorce family? :(

Between my mom's comments last week and today, I think it might just be time. {sigh}

My sister is going through a divorce. He asked her for one just before Thanksgiving. She immediately started dating a guy she's known in her circle for a while who has "loved her from afar." They seem rather inseparable since they began, and they are on vacation as I write this.

She posted a really nice photo of the two of them on her Facebook page. One of her FB friends mentioned that she and her husband look really nice together. This created a flurry of comments that it's not the hubby, and my sister this morning wrote that he was her boy toy. I simply wrote:

"I thought boy toys were younger. MUCH younger. o_O"

Which is true. It wasn't a dig at him; it's just that boy toys are usually in their early 20s or so -- hence the "toy" part. He is NOT 20.

She wrote back:

"[He] said he's glad he got the 'thin' sister!!!! LOLOL"

Holy hell, wtf IS this??

Now mind you, she has her own rather major issues; so to point at my fatness is really rather low since I have not said anything remotely close to her about her vices, much less on a public message board such as Facebook.

Sometimes I just want to run away -- and I don't even live close to anybody. I felt that was a really low blow. And she must not feel too bad about what she wrote as it's still there.


  1. Oh my gosh - regarding the comment your sister made - in every way that's really a line you just don't cross - ever. That's a horrible comment and truly is that all she can come up with?! To go there? I'm just shocked, that's all. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm actually a unique situation with the band. I actually got the band in 2009 but never got a fill b/c of various fears of mine. I've just recently gotten a fill to the point where I'm experiencing new things as if I'm a new bandster b/c I've waited so long to start getting fills. I'm going to be the success story that loses all their weight AFTER that first year that is quoted as the 'magic' year where the majority of the weight loss happens. :) Thanks for the support! I appreciate you!

  2. Wow. Just wow. How rude of them both! Just continue on with your life. Then when you have lost your weight and are looking hotter than your sister, you can tell them both to "bite me".

  3. LOL, Vickie, that would be nice. 'Course I'll never look hotter than my sister because I'll have all that saggy skin, but the thought is great to work towards!

    TCC, yours IS a unique story! So yo're an older newbie. LOL I promised myself this year one of the tings I will do is make sure to find support in the blogs of others. Yours looks great!

  4. Nasty. However, anyone reading her comments in FB will gasp, whatever their size, and in the end it will rebound on her. If you can resist, I'd leave it unanswered, because it will stand out like a sore thumb and make people sympathise with you. Just a thought.

  5. I didn't respond other than to say I wasn't making a dig at the boyfriend. But yeah, nasty. :(

  6. Once again I love and agree with everything caroline says - so eloquently put! Bad juju to your sister and love to you - its really hard when family hit so low and they REALLY know how to hit low. Take a deep breath and know that for every one bad thing someone says they're copping it twice as bad from themselves or some one around them. xxx

  7. Caroline is the best. She really knows how to sum things up. And yes, though I think SHE thought it was funny, she knows how I feel about this. :(

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