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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Revenge is sweet

Well, I left the folks' on Sunday and came home via train (if you've never traveled by train, I HIGHLY recommend it, by the way).  Her friend had made some batches of cookies and had given us some while I was there.  TWO batches, no less.  The first batch, I ate a couple (there were quite a few, sent in a tupperware).  The second batch was sent in a baggie.

Before I left on Sunday, my mom told me to take the baggie of cookies with me.  WHAT??  Okay, I'm making bad choices, but send me off with cookies so THEY don't eat them?  Now mind you, not only did they eat  most of the first batch, but she sent my dad to the store to get a container of bakery chocolate chip cookies from the grocery.  Out of about 16 to 18 cookies, I had ONE.  She ate almost all the rest.

Okay, so she sends me off with these cookies.  I didn't really snap to it until earlier today, but when I did, I had a true WTF moment.  The GOOD news is that out of the four cookies, I gave two to two little girls on the train, and another one to the lady sitting next to me for the whole trip.  That left ME with one, which I did eat.

I got on the scale today, and during my trip I had lost a pound.  I wasn't eating great, but I wasn't eating horribly either.  I wrote her and asked how SHE did (being snarky and rubbing it in) and told her I had lost a pound.  She didn't answer me.  I know damn well by the way she was eating that she gained.  Revenge is sweet.  ;)


  1. I certainly can't conjure up that degree of willpower right now. I'd have crouched in a corner and snarled at anyone getting near my box of cookies!

  2. I hate when I get like that.

    I did the 5-day pouch test right before Christmas (like IMMEDIATELY before as my first day of real food was Christmas day). It really did help break the carb addiction and re-center me on my journey. Granted, I have only lost a few pounds (I need to integrate EXERCISE, grrr), but I haven't gained.

  3. Revenge IS SWEET and congrats on being so strong. You did great.

  4. Thanks, Cara! I have an update I'll share here shortly. ;)