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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Foodie friends are starting again...

They know I'm "dieting" (as in trying to get myself completely under control -- and I've been succeeding). Well, DH is out of town this week for work, and they called tonight to see if I wanted to go out to eat. After we got eight inches of snow yesterday. Uh, not no, but HELL NO. I used the snow as the reason I didn't want to see them, but I told the wife I've been eating well and doing it at home and that I need to continue doing so. It's time AGAIN for that talk. I canNOT believe I have to do this again.

If this doesn't quit, and I mean QUIT, it might be time for a friend-ectomy. They are beyond getting on my last nerve these days. What is it about some people who are either too thick or too self-centered to "get it." If all I'm good for is being an eating buddy, then I'd rather forgo the friendship. This is really making me angry now.


  1. Hmm.. quite the sticky situation. Not sure what goes through minds like these.. but one things for sure: they just aren't getting it, are they? Chug on my friend xx

  2. Maybe they are trying to save you from being left to your own devices? Maybe they think you would do more damage alone? It's hard to tell from here, I guess you know their intentions better than we do.

    You could still go, but make a meal plan beforehand. Everyone has to eat right.

  3. No, it's wholly selfish on their parts. They want to eat junk, and they want me to go with them. It would be "us" if DH was home. These are people whose entire existence revolves around food -- especially eating out -- and we could go ANYwhere together (movies, bike show, etc.), and at some point they're going to ask, "So, where do you want to go eat?"

    We met over motorcycles (the husband and I each ride the same kind), but it has turned into a foodie friendship. :/

    And Cara, they really don't get it. My needs get in the way of their wants, it seems, and that's starting to really anger me. The husband apparently doesn't care if he eats himself to death with his diabetes and necropathy, but I DO care about MY health.

  4. If they are using your weakness for food to justify their own wayward habits, you might have to question if they are really friends? Especially given that this means so so much to you to throw in the towel now.

    No wonder you are getting plain pissed off.

  5. That's where I'm at, and it not only pisses me off, but it makes me sad that I may be put in a position to make this decision.

    It's bad enough that DH is a foodie himself -- he can describe the taste and texture of a favored food the way ancient poets have described beautiful women. :/ However, he at least sees and knows what I'm truly going through and has doesnt' push me much anymore to have or do something that wasas against my own interests.

  6. I can't look up now who said it but somebody said 'we want our friends to do a little bit less better than ourselves' and 'if we all knew what other people were saying around our back there wouldn't be a friend left in the world'. I don't think real friendship exists and if it maybe does it's extremely rare, like winning the lottery. But women need the talking to 'friends', other women, so keep your 'friends' but don't take it too seriously. What I thought when I read this..

  7. That's an interesting way to look at things, Pieter. I am a rare woman who does not need tons of girlfriends around me. What is also odd is that the woman in this couple does not have an eating disorder (except that she's almost underweight and short). Her husband is the heavy one, and she goes along and uses food for the fellowship or something. :/