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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Okay, time to get a grip

After thinking about how depressing it is to have virtually no weight loss for months now, it's time to quit using the excuse that the basement is torn up.

Some months back I got the "great idea" to move everything over to one side of the basement to start laying flooring that we had moved from upstairs to downstairs (it's that snap-together Pergo-style stuff, which we replaced with wood upstairs).  Ever since then, my workout area is pffft, and I've used that as my reason for not getting in some good exercise.  I don't always LOVE walking, just like I don't always LOVE using the exercise bike.  However, the one thing I can do with the bike that I can't do when walking is read my textbooks while using it.  Which is what I used to do when I didn't have my basement all torn up.

Not only that, I have some new videos that I want to utilize (Jillian, anyone?), and frankly, I'm just feeling disappointed in myself.  So... I think here before the end of the week, stuff is going to be moved around again so that I can utilize the stuff in the basement.  Enough of this already.

Just like I can't own a hammer and expect it to build me a house, I can't have a band and expect it to pull all the weight (no pun intended).  I don't LOVE exercise, but I hate being fat and feeling like a failure even more.


  1. I agree with you. I have been at a stand still for months now also. I still have restriction for that reason as well! I just need to do it and stop THINKING about it! I have bad allergies and being outside can be brutal by the time I make it back to my place. I am looking for motivation... Guess if I booked a cruise for next summer that would be motivation! LOL

  2. I know... I THINK about it a lot. I have this sick game of really desiring to work out when I'm sick because I know I can't. BUT, when I'm well, I don't do it.

    So... okay, that's over. I have no reason now not to do it, to manage my time where I can add on the extra hour or so before classes since it is right there on campus. No excuses!

  3. Grrr! :)

    I went, and I conquered. I also got dizzy and almost passed out, but hey, I did it. LOL