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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm not trying anymore

I was working out the other day and was watching Dr. Oz while I was on the elliptical.  I didn't have headphones, but closed captioning was on.  There was a very overweight woman on there, and he was obviously talking to her about her health, her weight, etc.  She had done some modeling shots when she was 15 years younger (and SHE said a size 16 or 18, though I have to say she looked smaller than that), and she was lovely.  Simply lovely.  I looked at her, miserable, sad, a shadow of her former self, and it was heartbreaking.  I found myself saying, "Wow, 375.  That's 125 more than I weigh right now," and I hate to admit it, but I was relieved in a way.  I'm sad to say that out loud, but it IS what I was thinking.

Oz had a therapist woman in his audience, and I somewhat read the exchange between her and this poor woman.  And I recognized it as something I've heard before.  The therapist was telling her what she needed to start doing to get things under control (the woman is borderline diabetic now), and the woman said, "Yes, I can try that."  The therapist essentially said that that to say, "I'll try," you might as well say you won't do it because TRYING leaves open the optionn of failing.  If we say we will DO something, then that is an action word we can get behind.  Trying doesn't really mean anything.  If we "try" and then have an off day or don't want to exercise, don't want to eat well, don't want to drink our water, we can simply let ourselves off the hook by saying, "Well, I tried."

So... I have decided that I'm not trying anymore.  I'm doing or not doing, but trying is off the table.


  1. Great post! No more trying is right! Action people are the ones who make things happen! I'm with you, Beth!

  2. Totally with you there, Beth. If you say wishy-washy things, then you get a wishy-washy response.. and we don't want that!! I like your attitude (and I'm joining you lol I need more of it.)

  3. It's just that it's so painfully true. Saying, "I'll try," just leaves an out for not DOING. Kinda like saying, "I'll start working out on Monday." Mondays come and go all the time and we don't start.

  4. Well said!! And SO true. Awesome post :)

  5. "Do or do not. There is no try." ~Yoda