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Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm SO glad you're looking out for MY best interest...

I stood up for myself, but I'm SO tired of it being an issue.

Hubby wanted Chinese tonight.  Not just Chinese, but a really great place here in town makes some fantastic ribs.  However, in the past I would accommodate him and order the General Tsao's chicken because he likes both, and that way he could HAVE both.  For those who might not know how General Tsao's is prepared, it's chicken that's deep fried with a lotus flour batter.  This place's is especially thick and crunchy -- and good.

Well... he orders his ribs, and then he's asking me what I'm getting.  I figured I'd try something different, so I tossed out a couple possibilities, leaning towards their pad thai (which I had never had before).  He kinda curls his lip and says, "Really?  You're getting that?"  I said yes, that I wanted to try something different, to which he said, "Their General Tsao's really good..."  I ignored him the first time.  By the time he said it the THIRD time, my response was, "Wow, I'm SO glad you're looking out for my best interest."  To which, of course, I get the, "What??  It's just really good.  I can't believe you're doing noodles.

Well, damnit, if that's what I want, then that's what I'm getting.  No longer am I going out to eat to give him everything HE wants.

Even my friend today, who's never said it before, essentially blamed my husband for my weight gain.  Granted, she's never known me thin (this is foody friend wife, and we've only known them since 2006), but I was very surprised to hear her say that.  I corrected her and said it was really my fault, but she re-corrected me and said, "Yeah, but he had a lot to do with it, with his obsession with food and wanting to eat out all the time."  Imagine that, coming from her!  lol

Anyway, I stood my ground, he pouted, and the pad thai wasn't all that good anyway.  But... it was MY choice.  Damnit.


  1. Nothing wrong with sticking up for your choice! Shame hubby can't see hes trying railroad you into HIS choice.. silly bugger

  2. Silly bugger is right. Gets downright annoying.