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Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer and 1/4 of my semester -- gone

It's hard to believe that summertime just left us with a whimper a couple days ago.  Where did it go?  What about all my plans?  I hardly did any of them.  I finally got my pool pass and went there -- wait for it -- twice.  I got a tennis racket and balls to pretend I was playing tennis and did that three times.  WTH?  And now it's gone.  School has started, and I sometimes feel like I hardly have time to think.

As for school, I just ended 1/4 of my semester.  One month is done already.  It almost seems to have gone quicker than when I was working full-time and going two nights a week.  I guess that's why... very long days that never seemed to end.  Weekends that were the only time I had to work on homework.  Now all I'm doing is going to school, and at first it scared me; but now I feel I'll be okay.  I just keep my calendar close by and check it often.

I don't know what the deal was back when I jumped eight pounds.  It seemed to have been more than water weight since I am still 1/2 pound away from my low of 223.5.  I've been sick the last couple days (actually I've been fighting hard to not get MORE sick) and have lost two pounds -- weighed 224 this morning.

I think part of what isn't helping is my hormones.  I got off the pill two years ago this coming January because I could tell it was throwing me into a pre-menopause that was very ugly.  Well, let's say I'm probably pre-menopausal anyway, but the low hormones I already had were off-the-charts low while I was on the pill.  One of the biggest reasons I was on them was because when I wasn't, I would have a period every two weeks.  Um, no.  Once a month was bad enough, but twice?  Sorry, the world's just not ready for that.

So I got off them, and surprisingly my periods were often once every SIX weeks.  Hey, that works.  Now all of a sudden, from August 25th to September 20th, I've had three.  o_O

Two were just over two weeks apart, then just over three weeks later the third one.  I know I reetain water during that time, and to have them back-to-back like that probably is not helping.

Anyway, tmi, I know.  But I just kept racking my brain trying to figure out wth was going on.

I'm working really hard to get myself on a decent schedule where I get up early and go walking before I start my day.  So far I've been getting up around 9:15 to 9:30, but I'd like to make it more like 8:00.  Of course I need to stop with the FB too!

The GOOD news is no more LBT for me.  I've apparently been a very bad girl and got spanked.  Okay, the fact is I wasn't all that bad, I was just calling for some justice that was never going to happen.  There are some funky things going on there, so all I can tell any of you who use LBT, PLEASE check and REcheck your facts, your doctors, your procedures.  And then when you've done that, check them again.  Trust me on this one.

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