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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Daniel from The Biggest Loser Fall '09

I'm hoping this isn't a spoiler alert for anybody, so if it is, I'll let you know ahead of time how well Daniel has done. Obviously we have no information on who's won since that is all done live, but I have a recent pic of Daniel that shows how far he's come that is included in this post.

As you know if you've been watching TBL, Daniel was on last season's show and was, unfortunately, voted out somewhat early. I frankly didn't like his partner David and took him to be a total slacker who wasn't serious about being there.  I also believe he had lost the least amount of weight at the end of the show.

Daniel, at 19 years of age, started out at 454 pounds.  This is where he started:

When the show ended, he was down 142 pounds to 312.  This is what he looked like:

AWESOME results, but unfortunately because the show is only about four months long (?) it's certainly not enough to get to a healthier weight for somebody starting out as big as he did.  I want to say, however, it absolutely does NOT detract from the AMAZING results he had!!  It's just that I guess I have a problem with him being on the newest season called "Second Chances."  For the bulk of the people there, their second chances are more life lessons than weight loss (I was thinking they were all people who had once been on TBL and been voted off early... probably because Daniel was coming back).  The reason I have a problem with him coming onto a show called "Second Chances" is it makes it sound as if he somehow failed and is being given another chance to redeem himself.  Maybe it's just me... and I'll have to get over it.

The friend on LBT who goes to the same gym he does posted a picture of him from this past Sunday.  Obviously the show is taped months in advance, so it does not look like he does on the show right now.  No weight loss numbers have been mentioned, which is to be expected, but this is what he looked like as of September 14:

I can hardly wait to hear the final numbers and see how well he did at the finale!  WAY TO GO, DANIEL!!!  This is one young man who was serious about doing this.  I can only wonder about his relationship with David.

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