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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Emergency unfill :(

Wow, Friday night into Saturday really sucked.

We went to a party with another couple, and everything went okay.  Over a number of hours I had a few glasses of wine, and later in the evening I had half a hamburger patty (dinner was pretty early for us).  I chewed well, and nothing was apparently wrong.

Later in the evening, I felt this horrible pain in my "breadbasket" area, one that reminded me a lot of the pain I had when my gall bladder finally failed me (though not as bad) -- kind of a dull, hot pain that radiated to my back.  I tried to sleep but didn't do very well with that.  In the morning I wasn't doing much better.

I tried to sip on a protein shake and got maybe 1/4 through it before I felt that queasy, I'm-going-to-vomit feeling.  And yep, it came up.  And up.  And up.  And saliva.  And protein shake.  So I did a pretty stupid thing (thinking back now) and broke up a motrin tablet thinking I was experiencing swelling, especially since I had been having some light reflux over the past few weeks due to my end-of-semester stress.  Well, I found out pretty damn quick that that was a BAD idea.  I spent the next 30 minutes over the kitchen sink, tossing up waaaay more than I took in.  All I could figure it was at that point was all the saliva I had swallowed since the night before.  I would get a muscle "spasm" and up stuff would come.  And the PAIN.  Omg, I could hardly stand.

It got so bad I called my doctor's emergency number and said I was getting really worried.  I didn't know what a slipped band felt like, but I knew all the vomiting/PBing wasn't any good.  However, the more I did that, the more the pain in my chest lessened -- so that was the only good thing.

He told me to come in and, many pokes later (this wasn't my normal fill doc), he said he had taken out 2cc.  That's nearly HALF of what I had in my band!  Ugh...

He thinks I had a small blockage that didn't really feel like a standard blockage which caused irritation and then swelling.  I appear to have a sensitive stomach that reacts badly to even slight irritations, which isn't making me love my band much these days.  :(

So now I have to figure out how long to go like this before I try to get refilled again.


  1. OUCH - what a bummer of a thing to happen. Hope the unfill helps things settle down. Sore stomachs are NO FUN!

  2. Gee, I am sorry to hear about this. I hope you are feeling much better already. Can you doctor help you figure out the next fill timing... be well and this too will definitely pass.

  3. Wow Beth that sounds absolutely horrible. What we put ourselves through to lose weight... Hope it all calms down soon so you can have a refill, before you're tempted to go too far the other way... (if you were me that is).

  4. LOL, Caroline, I'm worried about that too. Trust me, it's not just you. It's bad enough that I'm not exercising as I should, and now I'm at half a fill. :(