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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another semester DOWN

Omg, I can't even begin to tell y'all how hectic and busy this last semester was, but the grades are rolling in and (so far) I have two As and a B.  I'm waiting on the other two grades to post (I expect an A in one, and I was borderline between an A and a B in the other, the one I took the final in today).

I hate the end of the semester, primarily because I notice it makes my band act all crappy.  I was thisclose to wanting to rip it right out, I was getting so tired of its shenanigans.  I get tense, which makes my band tight and causes me to get reflux at night while I'm sleeping.  The good news is that I never got filled back up to 5.2 like I was at my tightest (a number that really REALLY worked for me), so I was able to weather through the reflux with a bit of motrin and careful eating.

I only have a week off before starting summer classes, so I'll have to use my time wisely.  I have a bunch of stuff to post here, so I'll try at night to pull the most pertinent stuff and share them.  I also need to try to catch up with all of your blogs as well and see how everybody is doing.


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