Weight Loss Tracker

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


That's the sound of my plateau breaking this morning!  Omg, I haven't been able to get below 221.5 to save my life -- and hit THAT four freakin' months ago -- but this morning I did it!  I hit 220.5!!!  Did you hear me screaming this morning??  Now I'm ready to see this scale start moving again.  DOWN.

The one thing I started doing differently -- and which I always touted as a huge weightloss tool -- is logging my meals.  I have this GoWear Fit and have only been paying attention to the calories I expend and not paying any attention to logging my meals.  BIG mistake.  Ever since I started doing that eight days ago I've lost 2 1/2 pounds!  It's really jump started my exercise routine too.  I've been working out every day since last Monday (except for yesterday).  I've decided that because Mondays are my heavy school day, that will be my day off -- but until further notice, I need to get in an hour every day six days a week.  I NEED to make the time for it.  And now I'm seeing the benefit from it!


  1. Oh I did hear a scream this morning..that was you?? WAY COOL! Congrats on breaking that nasty stuck number. whoooooooo

  2. So happy for you! I heard the rumble. Logging what we eat is one thing I resist but know it is the top recommendation to lose weight.

  3. It is, Sandy. I know it, but I get lazy. I was really shocked when I saw the calorie count of some of the things I thought were "good." :(