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Thursday, March 11, 2010


That's how I felt the other day when I went to take the dogs for a walk.  It was a beautiful day -- and after the winter we've had, it was VERY welcome -- and I decided to head out to the trails and the park to walk the dogs.  It was odd, but once I hit the trail, I actually had an URGE to run!  Now, I was always one that said if Godzilla himself was chasing after me, I couldn't run to the mailbox at the end of my driveway.  However, this overwhelming urge came over me and I ran.  I didn't time it, but I would guess I went non-stop for about 3 to 3 1/2 minutes -- and I really think if I had pushed it, I could have gone longer.  I then did week two of the couch-to-5k (I haven't been doing it consistently), which was very difficult for me to complete when I did it last.

It's amazing what our bodies not only CAN do but WANT to do when they're feeling healthy.  I've been fighting a cold the last couple of days or I would have gone out and done it again.  Maybe this weekend.  :)

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  1. That's how I got started running. I was at the gym doing the stationary bike and I kept feeling the treadmills calling to me. I had *never* been able to run before even when I was thinner. But I run now and I even like it!