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Monday, March 29, 2010

This is just wrong on SO many levels

I haven't been around for over two weeks now -- partly because I was sick, but partly because I was just downright ashamed.  Pitifully ashamed.

We've had major stressors here that have had me eating like there's no tomorrow.  I'm a horrible stress eater, and this last couple weeks has really taken me to the limit.  The week of the 10th through the 16th or so, I was fighting a big cold which means I don't eat right anyway.  From that point forward, though, anything that wasn't nailed down was in big trouble.

How bad could it be, you ask?  Well, pretty damn bad.  Not only has it been bad, I certainly haven't been LOGGING my evil deeds, which almost makes them seem as if they didn't happen, right?  But I decided last night that as of this morning, I was clawing myself back up onto that wagon and getting back with the program. So this morning I decided to be brave and realized I MUST get on the scale to see how bad this last 2 weeks have been. I mean, I KNOW how bad it's been as far as the food, but I needed to be hit between the eyes with the aftermath that the scale would show me.

I step on, and... I went from my low-low of 218.2 to 219.8. That's all I gained, 1.6 pounds!!! I literally stepped on the scale three freaking times and was just gobsmacked.

Now mind you, in the last two weeks, I kid you not, I have eaten FIVE boxes of Hot Tamales (the candy, not the Mexican food), three boxes of Good 'N Plenty, 5/6 of a half-gallon of ice cream (in two days, no less), an entire box of 5 100-calorie bags of Sun chips, an entire box of 5 100-calorie bags of baked Cheetos, an entire box of 5 100-calorie bags of Chex Mix, an entire box of Chewy Protein Bars (I think there's 6 of those), an entire box of Speciak K Fruit Crisps (I think there's five of those), an entire box of reduced calorie rice krispie treats (probably 5 in a box), six peanut butter cups, nearly an entire box of multi-grain Cheerios, six high-calorie drinks this weekend (three Friday and three Saturday --Baileys with vodka and fat-free half-and-half) and a partridge in a pear tree. I am NOT kidding. And that doesn't even include MEALS I ate!! Oh oh OH, and to boot, I'm on my cycle, which usually guarantees me a couple pound weight gain. Couple ALLLLL that damn food with the fact that I haven't worked out in two weeks, and something is terribly... OFF. o_O

Whew, I can't believe I admitted all that. And I KNOW I missed something.


  1. Whaaat? lol That is a lot of food. YAYYY for the band working. Go you!!

  2. I had to laugh. Everyone complains when they eat so little and don't loose weight. And you are thinking you ate so much and gained weight and didn't. Too funny!

  3. This was just too freaky. Cara, I don't consider it the band working unless it stopped all the food from going through. It was all sliders. But yes, it was a LOT of food over two weeks. I'm embarassed to admit what I did, but I have to be accountable to myself.

    Marie, you're so right. Here I went for MONTHS and exercised and ate my little bit of food and NOTHING happened. I expected a 10-pound gain from all of this, honestly. I was literally SHOCKED that it was only 1.6 pounds.

  4. Oh well time to move on and start to get back on track today.. I hope today with this blog marks a new day.. That is awesome that it was only 1.6 lbs gain..

  5. Yes, I've done much better since yesterday. I've started eating consciously again. :)