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Monday, September 12, 2011

Six pounds in seven days... :(

Well, last week totally sucked. I lost one of my best friends (I miss you, Amber...), my mom was here visiting (that didn't suck) but it rained the entire week, and I gained six pounds in seven days. For the most part, I really didn't even eat badly! The only things I ate that went off task was popcorn (three times) and some Good'n Plenty. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners were normal-ish. What wasn't normal wasn't horrendous. We even got some walks in for exercise, though it wasn't every day specifically due to the rain.

I'm not eating my sorrows away, and I started back on day one of the 17-Day Diet since I can't say I was following it 100 percent during the last week. It should give me another good jump.

I'm NOT, however, changing my ticker. ;)


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. Only goes to show how powerful of an impact emotion can play on our bodies.

    I arrived at your blog by searching for hiking and weight loss. How did your hike with the gay guy go?

  2. It was wonderful. We were going to go again over the Labor Day weekend (weather permitting) but there was too much going on -- including my mom's trip being bumped to that week.

    However, the hike went really well. I'm big and he's not (not skinny-skinny, but maybe could lose about 10 pounds) and I outdid him. Our hikes were short, but the Blue Ridge Mountains are kinda rocky/stony and could be difficult to navigate. The scenery was gorgeous, and I was left wanting to do it again. The only bad thing was my feet gave out the last few hours hiking back to the car.

    Thank you for your kind comments about my beloved dog. In reality, I didn't eat badly at all -- I certainly ate better than I thought I would. I got back on my 17-Day Diet yesterday and was down a pound already this morning, so we'll see. Now I'm working a brand new job which has a pretty long commute to boot, so I will have to learn how to manage exercise into my day. The good news is that I can set my own 8.5 hour day; so as long as I can force myself to become a morning person, I can get up earlier so I can get home earlier. :)