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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The aftermath of Thanksgiving

Considering Thanksgiving food and eating on the fly in the car, I really didn't do all that bad.  I weighed myself before I left last Tuesday and didn't step on a scale again until yesterday.  The good news is that I only gained two pounds, which in itself is rather amazing for the time of year.  However, as of THIS morning, I had already lost 1.5 pounds of it.  I was already up about 1.5 additional pounds before I left, having gained that from my new low of 190.2 just over a week ago.  I'm STILL waiting to hit that 100-pounds-lost, and I'm very close, but it'll be another week or so before I see that.

Also, since I rarely took pictures before (and am still not great about it now), I looked back at my measurements around the last time I would have seen my siblings.  Since that time, I've lost approximately 46 inches overall -- a HUGE, noticeable difference.  I'm feeling very accomplished.  :)

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