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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thoroughly disgusted

Foodie friends.  'Memba them?  Well, we went away with them to Colonial Williamsburg for the long weekend -- actually rode our motorcycles out (my first long trip as we put on about 450 miles).  The husband is the one with diabetes who burned the bottoms of his feet when we went to Hawaii together back in October '08.  The month BEFORE my surgery.  He's STILL battling that stupid move.

Anyway, even though he's been monitoring his blood sugar and, recently, had to go on insulin, he's gained more weight.  And if you were around him, you'd see why.  My God, after this weekend I have officially nicknamed him:  HOOVER.  That man can suck down everything on his plate before you've taken three bites of your own.  Worse yet is his wife is teeny tiny -- 90 pounds soaking wet.  So in about five bites, she's usually done.  Which then means he also eats HER food.

I really enjoy them (most of the time -- he can be a pip to his wife, which gets old), but watching him eat just makes me sick now.  He eats with his mouth open, eats like you're going to steal it off his plate, food hanging in his beard... it's totally disgusting.  I guess the one GOOD thing to come of it is I lose my appetite.  I worry for his health more than he apparently does.  He eats crap, even though he's kinda "watching" what he eats -- probably goes a bit over his limit for starches and sugars but not totally blowing it.  However, if I had diabetes and nearly lost my foot, I think I'd be making some MAJOR modifications in my life.  At least I'd like to think I would.  o_O

Even though I overate, I'd hate to think I was ever as bad as he is.  Like one night we got an onion loaf appetizer (pretty much thin-sliced onions done like a bloomin' onion from Outback but done in a "loaf") and he literally ripped into it to the point where I just sat back in abject horror and disgust.  I just don't enjoy eating with them, which I guess is good, since the wife seems to think WE are THEIR foodie friends.  Ugh.

The good-bad news is this:  I can now eat bread.  However, I still find myself not finishing what I eat and getting full, which I never got before when I was more filled -- I never felt hunger OR fullness.  So... I don't know if that's good or bad.

Anyway, it was a great trip, except for the night we got trashed and foodie friend hubby puked all night.  Thursday I go camping with my gay neighbor-husband.  THAT should be a test of how fit I am!  o_O


  1. A lot of people comment on finding it unpleasant watching others overeat since having the band. Although watching anybody dangle food in their beard and chew with their mouth open would seriously put me off my food. te he.

  2. I agree - I'm thinking EW!! all the way through your post...(in my family we used to call it imitating a washing machine). The problem is that if you share meals with people who overeat, if YOU also overeat a little, nobody notices, which may not be good for you. The camping sounds a better deal altogether!

  3. I don't feel as if I overeat anymore. The whole time we were away, we were eating out; and I was doing well to eat half of my medium-sized meals. But yeah, it's disgusting watching BOTH of them eating. He Hoovers it down, but she also eats wide open. Sometimes I wish I could say something. I can't believe they have gotten to their mid-30s and nobody ever has before.